Terms & Conditions

Please review our Policies prior to booking your dives. If you have any questions regarding anything stated, please feel free to contact us.

We’ll be happy to go over any of your questions or concerns.

By confirming your reservation, you accept all of the below terms & conditions.

Pricing & Booking

  • All prices are in MXN Pesos. .
  • Booking confirmations require a 50% or 100% deposit if the booking is within a 14 days perio, unless otherwise stated. 
  • Bookings are considered confirmed upon confirmation of reception of the deposit.
  • The balance of payment is due upon arrival on the first day of your trip.
  • We accept payments in: Mexican Pesos at a daily market rate, Credit Cards and Paypal ( 5% card processing fee).
  • All prices quoted are subject to change and availability until payment has been made.

Cancellation Policy

  • An upfront 50% deposit is mandatory for all diving activities. 
  • You may refund your deposit 72 hours before your scheduled booking, within 72 hours it is nonrefundable. 
  • As per the Medical Questionnaire instructions, if a medical clearance by a physician after a YES answer cannot be provided prior to your outing, you will not be permitted to take part in the excursion.
    Failure to do the above is not ground for refund, partial nor complete.
  • Scuba diving, especially technical and cave diving, is an activity that requires a reasonable degree of fitness and absence of medical issues that could have a detrimental effect on diving safety. If a diver should display obvious medical issues that have not been disclosed in the medical questionnaire and/or approved as safe for diving by a qualified physician, we reserve the right to cancel any diving and training activities planned for that diver. No refund, partial or complete, will be given in that case.
  • Schedule can be adapted and subject to changes due to logistics, availabilities and weather conditions. Such modifications are not grounds for a refund if alternate diving options are made available.
  • If weather conditions forces a cancellation and a diving alternative cannot be offered, a full refund will be given.

Scuba Diving Policy

  • All certified divers must show proof of their scuba diving certification from a recognized training agency.
  • All divers must fill out the digital General Liability Release, Express Assumption of Risk and Medical Questionnaire before arrival. Click HERE to review the documents prior to your booking to confirm you meet the requirements.
  • If the General Liability Release, Express Assumption of Risk and Medical Questionnaire are not completed prior to your outing, you will not be permitted to take part in the excursion.
  • Any overhead diving is an advanced type of diving that requires good buoyancy control and awareness.
  • While we are planning all dives according to the diver’s experience, it is up to the discretion of our cave / cavern / ocean guides and instructors to assess a person’s ability to proceed, adjust or terminate the dive plan and / or the dive for the diver’s safety and conservation of the dive site.


  • Please be aware that all Cenote Diving Experiences happen on privately owned land, hence the owners fix their own rules. Cameras are allowed in most of the Cenotes, however some will ask a cover charge for their use underwater, and some are not allowing them at all. This camera fee is going exclusively to the land owners. Kindly make us aware if the use of camera is a priority for you so we can plan the dives accordingly and advise of additional cost.
  • It is up to the discretion of our guides and instructors to assess a person’s ability to use a camera and to forbid their use for the diver’s safety and conservation of the dive site.

Students Only

  • Students are being provided with training videos and materials to practice and prepare for their class. It is expected from them to come ready for the class they have booked and demonstrate the prerequisite performance requirements communicated to them. Should a student be unable to do so on their first day, they will not be accepted to start the intended program. Their fees and days reserved will be credited towards an alternate training programs and/or guided dives. Unreadiness to start the intended program is not ground for refund, partial or complete.
  • Students are paying for a course, but certifications must be earned.
  • We will do our utmost to get your skills and knowledge up to scratch, and if this means extra dives or academic sessions, so be it (extra rate will apply if necessary).
  • We recommend our students to plan at least 2 extra days for make ups / weather conditions / sickness / mid-course breaks or other unforeseen events.

Equipment Storage

  • We will happily keep your equipment in our storage during the duration of your dive trip with us.
  • If you choose to do so, divers accept that our company do not bare the responsibility of loss, damage of theft that could occur to their equipment.

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