PADI: Advanced Open Water Course

Welcome to the next stage of your diving journey! Our PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course provides a thrilling opportunity to advance your diving skills. Expand your diving abilities, dive deeper, and witness the wonders below the surface.

What are you going to learn?

Through a mixture of theoretical learning and practical experience, you’ll:

  • Deepen your understanding of the principles of diving.
  • Enhance your navigational skills and become more comfortable with undersea exploration.
  • Gain practical exposure to different types of diving, such as sidemount, cavern diving, and deep diving.
  • Experience diving in the unique environment of the Yucatan cenotes.
  • Develop your knowledge of safety procedures and problem-solving underwater.

Course Components:

The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course consists of three main phases over the course of 2 days and 5 immersions:

  • Knowledge Development: To understand the principles of advanced diving.
  • Two Required Dives: Deep and underwater navigation.
  • Three Adventure Dives: Tailor your diving journey with options like:
    • Deep Diving
    • Search & Recovery
    • Buoyancy Control
    • Sidemount (Recommended)
    • Cavern Diving (Recommended)
    • Enriched Air Nitrox (Recommended)
    • Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) (Additional Cost)
    • Underwater Photography

By the end of the course, you’ll be a certified PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, able to dive independently to
depths of up to 30 meters/100 feet, opening a world of new diving opportunities.

Ready for an underwater adventure of a lifetime? Join our PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course and explore the magnificent cenotes of the Yucatan. Enroll today and let the adventure begin!

Under the direct supervision of a PADI Professional, you’ll master the basic safety guidelines and skills necessary for your dive.

Get hands-on with the scuba equipment you’ll use for your dive. You’ll see firsthand how easy it is to move underwater with your gear.

Experience the unique sensation of breathing underwater. This is something you need to feel for yourself!

Learn key skills that you’ll use during every scuba dive. These include how to enter the water with a giant step, equalize your ears, recover and clean a regulator, and clear a flooded mask.

Have fun swimming around and exploring the stunning cenotes. This is where your adventure truly begins!

Get hands-on with the scuba equipment you’ll use for your dive. You’ll see firsthand how easy it is to move underwater with your gear.

Hear about the next steps to becoming a certified diver through the PADI Open Water Diver course. Your underwater journey has just begun!

Your Complete Advanced Open Water Course

We’ve got you covered in your scuba diving journey.

We take care of everything so you can focus on enjoying your dive.

More Info

Cenote: 24C-26C / 74-76F year round

If you do not own or cannot travel with your own do not worry. All of our courses include the rental of our equipment; BCDs with integrated weight systems, regulators, boots and open heels fins, and 3mm long wetsuits.

Course prerequisites: PADI Open Water Diver, Junior Open Water Diver, or qualifying entry-level certification.

The minimum age to start the Advanced Open Water Diver course is 12.

  • Divers 15 or older earn an Advanced Open Water Diver certification
  • Divers between the age of 12-14 earn a Junior Advanced Open Water
  • Diver certification Divers 10-11 can earn a Junior Adventure Diver certification. Upon turning 12, they can complete the deep dive and earn a Junior Advanced Open Water Diver certification.

Divers certified as Junior Advanced Open Water Divers automatically become Advanced Open Water Divers at age 15. Any replacement certification card or eCard purchased the day after the diver’s 15th birthday will automatically show an Advanced Open Water Diver (not Jr. Advanced Open Water Diver) certification.

Scuba diving requires a minimum level of health and fitness. Chronic health conditions, certain medications and/or recent surgery may require you to get written approval from a physician before diving.

Avoid disappointment, download and review the Diver Medical form to ensure you won’t need a physician’s approval to dive before enrolling in a scuba course. Instructors, divemasters and dive shop staff are not physicians and should not be asked for medical advice; only medical professionals can give medical clearance to dive.

If you (or your physician) have questions about medical fitness to dive, contact the experts at Divers Alert Network (DAN).

Learn more about PADI Specialty courses.

Not sure which specialty to try first?

Improve your navigation and buoyancy skills while you try new activities like deep diving, cavern diving, or sidemount training.

Choose from more than 20 specialty diving options.

An Advanced Open Water Diver certification also opens the door to dive sites deeper than 18m/60ft.

If you don’t have the opportunity to dive for six months (or longer), you can quickly refresh the knowledge and skills you learned in Open Water with the PADI ReActivate® program. Your PADI certification never expires, but after a long period of inactivity, you may want to brush up on diving fundamentals and safety procedures.

Keep Diving

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