About Us

Welcome to Yucatan Dive Crew

The gateway to your underwater exploration and a thriving community of diving enthusiasts.

We are Rodrigo and Michael, co-founders, diving veterans, and passionate advocates for the underwater world.

Our combined expertise spans over 25+ years, with each of us bringing a wealth of knowledge and passion to our venture. Rodrigo, a seasoned commercial diver, has a unique resume that extends beyond guiding divers into the mesmerizing depths.

As an oceanographer, he collaborates with universities, contributing to pivotal studies aimed at better understanding our oceans and developing renewable technologies. His experience extends to working on movie sets, where he’s navigated demanding underwater conditions and unveiled marine worlds that many only dream of.

On the other hand, Michael has spent countless hours sharing the thrill of diving with both newcomers and experienced divers, refining their skills, and igniting a shared passion for the aquatic world.

Our vision with Yucatan Dive Crew reaches beyond our individual experiences. Our mission is to cultivate a global community of divers, a space where knowledge, stories, and experiences can be shared, and where the thrill of underwater exploration is celebrated.

For us, diving is not just a sport – it’s a transformative experience that offers a unique perspective on our world. It’s an invitation to connect with nature in its most primal form, a chance to understand and appreciate the delicate balance of marine life, and a journey that can spark a lifelong passion for aquatic exploration.

Yucatan Dive Crew is more than a diving center.

It’s a platform for those who dare to defy the ordinary, step beyond their comfort zones, and immerse themselves in the ocean’s fascinating mysteries.

By joining us, you’re not only learning to dive, you’re becoming part of a global community that shares a love for the ocean’s depth. You’re embarking on an adventure that will reshape the way you see the world.

We eagerly await the opportunity to guide you into the unknown, to share in the indescribable thrill of your first breath beneath the surface, and to welcome you into the Yucatan Dive Crew – the beginning of your very own scuba diving journey. 

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