Dive the Cenotes of Merida with Yucatan Dive Crew

Immerse yourself in the world of cenotes, originating from the Maya word ‘dz’onot’, signifying a ‘water-filled cavity’. This unique geographical feature is prominent in the northern region of the Yucatan Peninsula, where the highly permeable karstic rock allows rainwater to form a freshwater aquifer above a dense saline water mass from the sea.

The formation of these cenotes dates back millions of years when the Yucatan Peninsula lay beneath the sea, forming a shallow ocean bed. Subsequent ice ages witnessed the emergence of the Peninsula, creating a cave system developing amidst dense vegetation.

The acidic rainwater mixed with decaying plant matter helped dissolve the limestone, leading to the birth of these mesmerizing cenotes.

Embark on Your Underwater Adventure from Our Dive Center in Merida, Yucatan

Join Yucatan Diving Crew  and dive the incredible cenotes in Merida, Yucatan. Each cenote bears its unique geological formation, ensuring a distinct diving experience every time. 

Cenote Tour

Experience the magic of cenote cavern diving in Merida, Yucatan. Suited for recreational divers with at least an Open Water Diver level certification, you’ll be guided by our specialized Instructors. Marvel at the spectacle of light displays, crystal-clear waters, impressive millennial geological formations, all within the ‘daylight zone’ of the overhead environment.

Cenote Cave Tour

Explore the heart of the cenotes with our cave diving tours. This technical diving experience is exclusive to certified cave divers, given the specialized training and equipment it requires. Traverse beyond the ‘daylight zone’ and explore the intricate navigation of the flooded underwater cave systems.

If you aspire to get certified for cave diving, visit our cave diving courses section and get in touch for more information.

Our Courses

PADI: Open Water Course

Dive into your first immersive diving experience with PADI Open Water Certification! It’s not just a course, it’s the beginning of a lifetime of exploration.

PADI: Advanced Open Water Course

This course amplifies your knowledge, refines your skills, and allows you to explore greater depths. Elevate your diving with us.

PADI: Cavern Diver Course

At Yucatan Dive Crew we equip you with the knowledge and skills to explore caverns correctly. Take your PADI Cavern Diver Course today!

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