Cenote Yaal Utzil

Experience the openness and adventure at Cenote Yaal Utzil, an open cenote with a thrilling free fall. To access the water’s surface, you’ll descend a 12-meter-long staircase. The water, a captivating shade of blue, spans an impressive 25 meters in length and 39 meters in width. And for the daring divers among you, you can explore its stunning depths, reaching a maximum of 49 meters.

Cenote Yaal Utzil is also home to a vast cave network that still yet to be completely explore. This is a cave divers paradise. Adventure awaits at Yaal Utzil!

Cenote Yaal Utzil Information

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Cenote Kankirixche

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This open cenote offers a stunning scenic view through its entrance. Descend a 20-meter stone staircase into the inviting blue waters that stretch 5 meters long by 25 meters wide.
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