6 Best Diving Movies and Documentaries

Movies set underwater possess a unique ability to transport us to a completely different world, full of mystery and excitement.

As experts in underwater adventures, we have carefully selected the top 6 films that capture the essence of what it means to dive into the depths of the ocean.

From thrilling action films to heartwarming documentaries, these movies will take you on an underwater journey from the comfort of your home, and who knows, they might inspire you to join us on one of our exciting diving tours in the near future.

Join us as we explore these thrilling films that will make you feel like you’re beneath the water with every frame.

1. The Abyss (1989) 

Science Fiction / Adventure

Directed by James Cameron, “The Abyss” is an exhilarating underwater adventure that combines advanced technology with a captivating story. The film follows a team of oil drillers who become embroiled in a mystery in the ocean’s depths. With stunning visual effects and a focus on underwater exploration, “The Abyss” is a classic that you shouldn’t miss.

the abyss

2. The Big Blue (1988) 

Drama / Adventure

Directed by Luc Besson, “The Big Blue” is a film that delves into the lives of two friends passionate about free diving. Set in some of the most beautiful locations in the world, such as the Greek islands and the Italian coast, this movie immerses you in the competition and friendship of the protagonists as they face the challenges of the ocean.

3. Sanctum (2011) 

Adventure / Thriller

Directed by Alister Grierson and produced by James Cameron, this is a survival thriller that follows a group of cave divers as they explore a dangerous and uncharted cave system. The film combines the beauty and danger of underwater spelunking, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as the characters struggle to survive.


4. Chasing Coral (2017) 


A touching documentary that follows a team of scientists and divers as they document the devastating coral bleaching worldwide. This documentary serves as a wake-up call to the urgent need to protect coral reefs and highlights the beauty and fragility of these underwater ecosystems.

chasing coral

5. The Shallows (2016) 

Survival Thriller

In “The Shallows,” Blake Lively portrays a surfer who becomes stranded on a reef near the coast and is pursued by a massive great white shark. This film is an exciting survival thriller that depicts the protagonist’s battle against nature and her survival instincts in treacherous waters.


6. The Dive (2023) 

Drama / Adventure

This German film released this year is a horror thriller that will plunge you 28 meters underwater to tell a survival story starring the diving sisters Drew and May. With dangerously low oxygen levels and frigid temperatures, it’s up to one sister to fight for their lives.

the dive

Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush or an immersion in the beauty of the oceans, these films have something for all cinema and underwater exploration enthusiasts.

Dive into these stories and get ready for an exciting journey into the depths of the ocean.

P.S. What other movie do you recommend for us?

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